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GiftFly is the fastest, most convenient gift card solution for your business! Simple to add and easy to use, GiftFly lets your customers buy and send your digital gift cards to Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime – Instantly. No need to order expensive plastic gift cards or packaging, you can create free gift cards and sell them online everywhere 24 hours a day online and from your Clover Terminal.

GiftFly Key Features:

  • - Sell digital gift cards from your Clover device, Website, Facebook Page and more!
  • - Create unlimited FREE egift cards
  • - Scan and redeem gift cards from your customers’ phones or printouts
  • - Market and Fundraise with your gift cards for free
  • - Check gift card balances instantly
  • - No special design or technical expertise needed

Simple Installation & Setup

Just download the GiftFly Clover App and sign-up instantly - at no cost and with no technical expertise needed.


Download Free GiftFly APP in the Clover App Market


Click on your New GiftFly App button to Login or Sign-Up


At the Login screen click on the Sign-Up button


Fill-in basic Business Details and create a Username & Password


Go to your email for your simple email confirmation & continue to your Dashboard Login


Login to your custom dashboard to: (i) create your first gift card and (ii) give us your payout information. Every gift card sold and created on your GiftFly Dashboard works on your Clover terminal.

Questions: Please call us at 1-888-405-0066 or email us at

That’s it. Your egift card(s) are now for sale and ready to be scanned or entered for redemption on your Clover terminal.

Sellings Your egift cards Online 24/7

Clover works with our easy to use online dashboard: In your Dashboard you’ll find all the simple tools to sell and promote your egift cards from your website, your Facebook page and using email advertising or fundraising campaigns. Every egift card sold online works on your Clover terminal.

Troubleshooting / FAQ

Why offer egift cards vs. Plastic?

You can sell both but GiftFly offers some vast advantages:

  • - FREE unlimited custom gift cards (no ordering or reordering expensive plastic or packaging and no approval process)
  • - For sale online 24/7 which means your gift cards are selling while your doors are closed to anyone in the country
  • - Sell on Facebook, Social Media, etc.
  • - Delivered instantly via email and/or text delivery for last minute or long distance gifting
  • - Personalized for the receiver
  • - Free Marketing, Promotions, Incentives, Giveaways and Fundraisers included
  • - Never lost & never expires
  • - Fund deposited next day
  • - GiftFly handles customer service and credit card issues
  • - Collect email addresses

How does the GiftFly program work with my Clover system?

The GiftFly egift card App is fully integrated into the Clover Register software. You can sell and send a gift card to anyone, anywhere, instantly and you scan and redeem the value towards a customers purchase along with other payment methods. You can look up the balance of any card and much more.

When you install the GiftFly App, a "Gift Card" is automatically set up as a tax-exempt product in Clover and a new payment option called "GiftFly" tender is created.

Sell a gift card within Clover just like any other product. The egift card is delivered immediately via email and/or Text. Transactions are processed in real time, so card value is immediately available. If a customer uses only part of the gift card value for a purchase, any remaining balance stays on the card for future use.

Clover works with our easy to use online dashboard: In your Dashboard you’ll find all the simple tools to sell and promote your egift cards from your website, your Facebook page and using email advertising or fundraising campaigns. Every egift card sold online works on your Clover terminal

How do I sign up and get started?


How do I sell a gift card through Clover?

GiftFly will automatically add any gift card you’ve created to your product inventory or you can select the "Sell Gift Card" button directly from the GiftFly App to access your choice of gift cards. Select the card from your list, enter the sender & receiver contact information, enter a personal message if you’d like and finally enter the desired card value. This item is placed in your basket for final checkout. You are prompted to complete the sale and print the receipt. The card is immediately email and/or texted to the recipient and ready to be used at any participating store location.

Can I market with Promotional Gift Cards using GiftFly?

Yes. Within your GiftFly Dashboard you can create four types of email marketing campaigns for Free. Create a custom card, fill-out our simple template and send it to all your customers as a Promotion, Giveaway, Bonus offer ($100 with $125 of value) or Flash Gift Card.

What is the difference between Gift Cards and Giveaway & Flash Gift Cards?

Both type of cards work on the Clover register as a form of payment. Both keep track of dollar value and are distributed via email by GiftFly. But from an accounting and legal standpoint, the difference is significant. Gift Cards are purchased as a prepaid form of payment and don’t expire as displayed on each gift card Terms and Conditions. Promotional cards represent funds you the merchant are giving to the customer at no cost to them (i.e. Giveaways & Flash Gift Cards) and maybe limited to specific items and may expire at any time you choose. The sale of a prepaid gift card results in receipt of revenue, but is not counted for income purposes until the value of the card is used to make an actual purchase in the future. Giveaway & Flash gift cards used typically as incentives & giveaway cards to get customers to visit your store or to purchase a specific item.

Can the cards be used at different locations?

Yes. Our gift cards can be redeemed at any Clover station that is using the GiftFly App (and correctly logged into) and can also be redeemed online at the GiftFly Dashboard or GiftFly mobile or Merchant App.

Can egift cards be used several times?

Yes. Egift cards work the same as a plastic gift card and can used for multiple purchases until the balance is depleted. After each use the receiver is emailed an updated egift card with the remaining balance so you don’t have to ask what’ the value of the card. Customers can check their balance on the merchant’s gift card storefront at the "check balance" menu.

What type of data and reporting can I get?

Merchants have 24/7 online access to their merchant dashboard that provides real time custom sales, redemption and transaction information as well as every detail on each card sold. In fact, you can even see exactly who purchased and received every card you’ve ever sold.

Do I get access to the email addresses of the buyer and sender?

Yes. GiftFly provides you with the contact information for each gift card sold. We require the name and email address for each of the Buyer and Receiver.

Customer Service:

  • - Visit
  • - Call us at 1-888-405-0066
  • - Send us an email at
  • - Videos instructions can be found within your Dashboard

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