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GiftFly is FREE for Merchants*

No Monthly Charges
No Credit Card Required
Unlimited Card Designs
Send 5,000 Gift Card Promotional Emails For Free
Collect All Email Addresses
Sales Kit Included
No Merchant Credit Card Account Needed

Even though GiftFly is free for merchants, our online payment processor isn't. As with any online credit card purchases, our payment processing partner (Stripe) charges a processing fee of 2.90% + $0.30 per card transaction. There are no minimum or other hidden fees.

* Clover App Purchases:
For gift cards purchased on the Clover App, GiftFly does not charge merchants a payment processing fee. GiftFly does deduct a one-time fee of $0.03 per $1 of gift card value sold. Merchants do not currently have the option to add this fee to the buyer’s checkout price.

It’s your choice as to who pays the small convenience fee:

Either the Merchant can absorb the fee or the Buyers can pay at checkout.

For gift cards of $20.00 or less the fee is only 3.99% (that’s about 80 cents)

For cards over $20.00, just add $0.99 to the above (see example)

Please know this fee is used to deliver our “Excellent” (Trustpilot) in-person customer service to both you and your customers who we speak to everyday. It also allows us to offer many new capabilities to help you grow your business and to provide unique, full-service gift card fraud protection developed over the past 10 years. It’s also worth noting that these fees will be more than made up with your new customers, increased cash flow, additional customer spending and unspent balances.

GiftFly allows you to send free Giveaways and Instant Rewards:

A proven way to increase foot traffic, customer engagement and new sales or to reward loyal customers is to send them a free Giveaway or Instant Reward gift card. There is no charge to send these free gift cards, however, there is a 3.99% marketing fee only on the amount of the redemption, which is only deducted from your gift card sales.


Merchants may also opt-in to pay the service charge for their customers.

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    "Customers used to call us to order gift certificates around the holidays which became time-consuming and disorganized. We love how easy GiftFly was to get started. Once we added the button and started promotions, we instantly saw more sales. I recommend their platform to other local business owners and look forward to a boost in sales this holiday season as well! "

    Owner, Bharat P. Tandoori Taste of India
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    "GiftFly lets my customers click and buy massage gifts in a couple minutes so we sell more, and each gift is like a new client referral! Sales, redemptions and contact info are all there on my GiftFly dashboard and I love being able to add or change as many designs as I want to suit different personalities, seasons and other occasions."

    Owner, Leighanna M. BalanCenter Massage
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