The Fez Restaurant

We’re a local Moroccan restaurant in Stamford, CT and we originally signed up for GiftFly’s free eGift card platform to help us sell our gift certificates online. We were looking at a few different solutions and found GiftFly to be the easiest & fastest to implement for our small business. As the restaurant owner and manager, I’ve received numerous inquiries from our customers asking if they can buy our gift certificates online, especially around the holidays for last-minute gifts. I ended my search when I discovered GiftFly and found myself selling digital gift cards on in minutes. I quickly added the Facebook Tab and we were in business. It was that simple. I added my custom card designs and customized the widget and gift card page so customers are now able to easily navigate from my site or Facebook page to buy & send their gift cards.

The best part is that I get paid the next day for any transactions. Since signing up for GiftFly, we’ve increased our gift card sales by 33% and as we begin promoting our gift cards year-round, I can see that number growing!

– Jay Patel, Owner

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