What is an eGift Card?

eGift cards or digital gift cards are similar to regular gift cards; however, they're 100% digital. An eGift card is delivered to the recipient instantly via email with a unique code, so there's no shipping cost and can never be lost or stolen. eGift cards can be redeemed in-store at participating merchants by presenting them on a smartphone or printed voucher.

What is GiftFly?

GiftFly is an eGift card platform for local businesses allowing shoppers to buy and send gift cards via email, Facebook or text directly from their local merchants online. The best part is that it’s FREE for all of your customers to use with no hidden fees and it NEVER expires!

How does GiftFly work?

GiftFly provides an eGift card solution to small businesses so consumers can purchase their gift cards online. Once purchased, the GiftFly is instantly sent to the recipient via email and can be redeemed in-store by the participating merchant using our free app. GiftFly is free for all of your customers to use with no hidden fees and it never expires!

Can you schedule the delivery of a GiftFly?

We like that you're thinking ahead. Yes! The sender can choose to send their GiftFly at a future date or for immediate delivery, your choice.

Why do I need GiftFly?

eGift card sales are increasing close to 30% a year! Customers love them for these top reasons: instant delivery, they're local, personal, never expire, and they're safe, flexible & secure. And let's not forget, eGift cards are environmentally friendly! 77% of shoppers want a digital alternative to their plastic cards. Merchants choose GiftFly to increase gift card sales by selling online with no plastic, packaging, or shipping costs, and easy integration. GiftFly also provides customer email addresses to increase customer loyalty with gift card promotions and the ability to support local organizations with fundraisers.

How do I redeem a GiftFly?

Customers present their GiftFly in-store and merchants can redeem them during checkout using our Merchant App, which is free to download in the App Store or by entering the $ amount & unique 12-digit code on their dashboard. If there is a balance on the card, the recipient will receive a new email with the updated value.

What if I don't want my employees using the iPhone app, is there another way to accept a GiftFly?

Yes, and we totally understand. Your employees can collect the GiftFly print-out if the customer presents it for a manager to redeem at the end of the day or the employee can record the GiftFly value and it's unique 12-digit code for the manager to redeem it later using the app or merchant dashboard's Quick Redeem function.

How do I enter a GiftFly into my POS?

When a customer presents a GiftFly and you redeem it using the GiftFly app or by entering the 12-digit code in your merchant dashboard, enter in a gift card into your POS for the value of the GiftFly to deduct from the transaction. Your merchant dashboard will be updated in real-time to show you any redemptions that came through which will match the amount entered into your POS that day.

Is there a merchant app for Android?

We're working on launching an Android app for quick & easy redemption soon, however in the meantime you can enter the unique 12-digit codes in the Quick Redeem function within your merchant dashboard.

Do you need a smartphone to send and receive a GiftFly?

No! A GiftFly can be sent from any device. An email address is required to send a GiftFly, however the sender can choose to notify the recipient via Facebook and/or text message as well. If the recipient doesn't have a smartphone, you can print out your GiftFly and redeem it in-store!

How can I sign up my business for GiftFly?

You can sign up for GiftFly by creating your first card here: or by selecting a plan that best fits your needs.

What can I do with GiftFly?

With GiftFly, you'll be able to to create, sell and market your own eGift cards, as well as track transactions in real-time! You can also schedule custom email promotions to announce your new cards, create promotions or discounts, and start fundraisers, making GiftFly an all-in-one eGift card marketing platform.

Can you explain the pricing?

Merchants can get started with no setup costs or credit card required. Since every business model is not the same, we wanted to give merchants the choice of who pays the fees to send a GiftFly. When signing up, you can choose between two options: Merchants Fly Free (The participating business absorbs the eDelivery fee of $0.99 + 3.99% per transaction + credit card fees) or Customers Fly Free (The customer pays the eDelivery fee of $0.99 + 3.99% per transaction. The participating business pays the credit card fees). The eGift card transaction fee only applies to merchant or customer, NOT both. Standard credit card processing fees are 2.90% + $0.30.

There is no charge to send free Giveaways and Instant Rewards, however, there is a 3.99% marketing fee only on the amount of the redemption, which is simply deducted from your gift card sales.

How do I keep track of sales & redemptions?

All GiftFly sales and redemptions can be tracked through your merchant dashboard and app in real-time. You will also receive an email notification for any new cards sold.

When do merchants get paid?

Your egift card sales will typically get directly deposited into your bank account 72 hours (max 3-4 Business Days) after they are purchased. Please note the deposit of your initial gift card sales may take a few days longer but will then adjust to 72 hours. Any fraud or chargeback disputes related may delay payments until full resolution. Together with our payment processor we evaluate each and every purchase to reduce Fraud and Refunds.

How do customers find out about my new eGift cards?

GiftFly provides its merchants with a custom eGift card page that can be linked to on their websites, as well as on their Facebook pages. Merchants can promote GiftFly in-store with signage provided in the GiftFly welcome kit and online with custom banners, buttons, and social media posts. We also give merchants the resources that are necessary to promote your eGift cards via email year-round.

What training resources do you provide merchants?

GiftFly provides video tutorials to help merchants navigate through their dashboard and to utilize all the new tools and features. Be sure to also subscribe to our blog for tips and best practices. Our support team is also available from 9am EST - 5pm EST to assist you with integration and promotions.

How do I send email promotions?

GiftFly email promotions are accessible via the Merchant Dashboard. Simply upload your customer email list to create & schedule an eGift card promotion which includes announcements, discounts, bonus deals and flash sales. Access email analytics to track the success of your campaign.

How can I customize my GiftFly page for my brand?

You can design your own eGift card store and cards by adding your company’s logo, color codes, and unlimited custom image gift card backgrounds.

How do I integrate with Facebook?

Facebook Tab integration is located in your Merchant Dashboard along with a helpful how-to video showing the step-by-step process. In minutes, you will have a tab added to your page promoting your new eGift cards to fans!

What does the recipient receive?

The recipient will receive an email with the GiftFly along with their custom message, unique QR code, and instructions to redeem the GiftFly at the participating merchant. The recipient will have the option to print out the GiftFly for redemption in case they don't have a smartphone.

What is your refund policy?

We guarantee customer satisfaction. If for any reason you or the recipient are not satisfied with the experience, we will issue a full refund online.

Does a GiftFly ever expire?

No! The value of a GiftFly never expires.

Is this available only in the U.S.?

Currently, GiftFly is available in the US and Canada, however if you are a Stripe merchant outside the U.S. or Canada, contact us for custom integration.

How do you keep our information safe & secure?

GiftFly utilizes cutting-edge fraud protection provided by Emailage to monitor transactions and to keep your personal and financial information safe and secure.

What if I have more questions?

No problem. You can reach us anytime via phone: 866-338-5633, email:, or chat with us during business hours.

Need additional support?

Please contact us via email or live chat. If you are calling by Phone please make sure and leave us a message. We've found that email responses for all customer service inquiries are most helpful so you have a record of any instructions, updates or comments for future reference.


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